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Greg Coontz, professional attorney & Ace's dad


Ace and Maddie host this revolutionary podcast recounting personal stories as well as the stories of soon-to-be legends. 

Ace is an audio engineer in Downtown Nashville at two popular rock bars. Ace is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns and is an active force in the LGBTQIA+ community. Ace graduated from Belmont University with a BBA in Music Business/Production and also enjoys songwriting and performing. Ace was the co-creator/co-host of another podcast called Music City Confessional that debuted in 2020. Ace also has a pitbull rescue named Archer that we lovingly refer to as our Music City Pitty.

Maddie is a freelance entertainment marketing expert and an indie rock artist. Maddie uses she/her pronouns and is an active ally for all minority groups. Maddie graduated from Belmont University with a BBA in Music Business/Production. She loves to write and record her own music under the artist name Madeleine Kate. Maddie is making her debut as a podcast host, but she worked as the marketing manager for Music City Confessional before its demise. 




Maddie is also an indie rock artist under the name Madeleine Kate. She released a mixtape last fall called "That Girl You Used to Know." Check it out by clicking the social links below!

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Ace is a freelance audio engineer and artist manager. They are always looking to network and for new projects to begin. Check out their personal and professional social links below!

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Guest Spotlight

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Mallory Pacific is a Nashville based LGTBQIA+ artist, songwriter, producer, creative director, entrepreneur & boss bitch business owner. She has over 20 years of experience in the music industry and 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. She has an eye for aesthetics and an ear for music. Born in ‘87 and extra ever since, Mallory’s music industry experience ranges from 2000’s girl group, high school emo band, choir, worship leader, EDM group, solo artist & sync A&R. Having done make up for TV/film for several years and becoming the Director of Barbering at Paul Mitchell the School Portland after just a few weeks on the job, she also managed multiple salons in Chicago, Southern California & Portland.

Mallory is also a professional tarot reader, astrologer, psychic medium & spiritual influencer/emotion coach. Her brand spans beyond just the music, deeply encouraging women & the LGBTQ community to embrace their emotions by connecting deeply with themselves and owning their power. Providing a safe, loving and inclusive place for humans to be themselves, she guides others on a manifestation journey using a positive mindset and a focus on love & gratitude. To learn more about Mallory - follow her on all socials.


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